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It seems like you can’t have a new block without some kind of dual land cycle. Scars of Mirrodin is no exception.

Here is the newest cycle of allied colored rare lands.

Not quite what I expected. I was looking for lands which produced only colorless unless a Metalcraft trigger was met. These are not so hot, in my opinion. You’ll want all four to have it in your opening hand, but after turn three multiple copies will slow you down. Control players have better cipt lands to play and the new cycle will only slow the aggressive player down.

In my opinion, they don’t even feel like they belong in Mirrodin.

Okay, okay. It might be too early for me to judge. We still have a lot of the set to see, and who knows, maybe there will be sets of really inexpensive mana producing artifacts or something. These lands could be inexpensive alternatives for the casual player too, though even the fetch lands aren’t all that expensive anymore. For a change.

Everything else seems to be going up in price though. I’m talking about you Elspeth Tirel, Koth the Hammer and even you, Venser the Sojourner.


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Holy crap! Twitter stalking Mark Rosewater just paid off.

A little while ago, Rosewater advised his “tweeps” (God I hate that) to check out an important post on M10 on the official Magic: The Gathering website. It was an important post indeed.

Apparently, in order to ease the pain of going from casual play to competitive play, several rules are being tweaked, steps are being eliminated and, as we all know, mana burn has gone bye-bye. I am not going to go into depth about this yet, but check out the article here.  

Also, the new dual land cycle has shown itself. See the Glacial Fortress!


This is the new kid-friendly dual land. I’m sure the forums will be awash in blood from the battles between the people who think it is good and the people who think it is bad. Personally, well, at this hour I’m not going to get into it. The short version; time will tell.

Also exciting, this bastard.


Yeah, that’s ******* Ball Lightning. You remember him, right? Like Groundbreaker but in the right color? In the que of magical thinking at the moment this card was spoiled, how many people immediately thought of cascading into this with Bloodbraid elf and attacking for 9? 

Good thing Faerie players are using Peppersmoke these days.

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