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I mentioned in my last article, some sort of weenie deck is bound to make an appearance as soon as Scars of Mirrodin is legal. artifact weenie decks and mono-white decks using metalcraft triggers and equipment to bolster critters are all popular ideas. However, nobody yet knows what shape the weenie deck will take. Perhaps (and very likely) it will take several forms before convelescing into an archetypal deck.

when i think of a scars weenie deck, I can’t help but think of adding red. White has plenty of good weenie creatures, but I feel too many of them are artifact dependent. Red, on the other hand, has lots of options which are already good, but could be better when equipped. A good mix of both white and red could make for a formidable deck, in my opinion.

Red has some great weenie creatures which have already proven themselves. Goblin Guide, Plated Geopede, Cunning Sparkwhatever and Goblin Bushwhacker are great creatures. Each one seems like it could benefit from a nice set of Adventuring Gear or Sword of Vengeance. Each one could also put down a good beating on their own if a white cohort like Kor Duelist needs a machete badly. Newcomers like Goblin Gaveleer and Spikeshot Elder are great additions as well.

The Gaveleer already has trample, and he gets a +2 +0 bonus just for having gear on him! Strap him with some adventuring gear and you’ve got a 3/1 trample, not to mention if you hit landfall. The elder is incredible too. I realized how much of a bad-ass he was during the pre-release. Paying RR1 or 1 damage seems like a lot, but he can do it without tapping, and his damage t scales directly with his power. Put a machete or a Basilisk Collar on that.

Red also has more proactive spells. With Path to Exile and Oblivion Ring gone, white is stuck with mostly situational removal. Lighting Bolt doesn’t care what your opponents creature is doing. Attacking or at home with the family, it does 3 damage. We still have Burst Lightning, Punishing Fire and Forked Bolt. Newcomers like Galvanic Blast and Arc Trail are nice too.  Red also keeps a little stash of utility spells which can steal troublesome creatures or create dudes from unused equipement.

While red provides some good options for the weenie deck, it will really come down to what works out the best. Maybe playing a zillion artifacts to hit metalcraft triggers on bladewright or sunchaser is the way to go.  Maybe Glint Hawk is better than Goblin Guide. Or maybe there will be a combination of both. Maybe it won’t matter because Koth powered Titan Ramp decks will be blowing everythign up. We’ll find out soon enough.


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The other day I looked at some of the rare and mythic cards in Zendikar I thought will be deck building staples, or at least have potential. Now, I would like to mention a few of the commons and uncommons I think have a good chance of showing up in some sort of standard deck.


Brave the Elements
Brave the Elements might take the place of Burrenton Forge Tender in white weenie sideboards, but it isn’t nearly as good. It doesn’t have a body and it won’t save you from a lightning bolt aimed at your head.

Journey to Nowhere
A creature only Oblivion Ring, Journey to Nowhere might make an appearance in decks needing a little more removal without running black or red.

Kazandu Blademaster
Allies might not be all that great yet, but the blademaster is a superstar on his own. He takes the place of Knight of Meadowgrain, trading lifelink for vigilance. Also, the more blademasters you play, the bigger they get, which is a nice bonus. Finally, he is a soldier, so he gets a bonus from Captain of the Watch. Look for him in soldier decks.


Spell Pierce
Spell Pierce will find a home wherever there is blue on blue action, should true control ever return to standard.

Into the Roil
Into the Roil will be useful for bouncing anything with counters about to pop and nets you a card in the meantime. I can also save your own bombs from destruction, with the same bonus.

Trapmakers Snare
It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but someday there will be a wicked trap deck. Trapmakers Snare will work as extra copies of whatever trap you want it to be, giving you the option of grabbing whatever you want just as its requirements are being met. See Mystical Teachings.


Is there a horse in there?

Elegant removal and combat trick for the mono-black player. 

Gatekeeper of Malakir
I’m not so sure about this guy. He isn’t Shriekmaw, and it is likely games will involve many creatures. It gets around shroud, which is a plus, but I don’t think he is as good as everybody says he is.

Vampire Hexmage
The hexmage will be the bane of planeswalkers everywhere. The first strike is just icing on the cake.

Quest for the Gravelord
The casting cost is right and netting yourself a 5/5 after a Day of Judgment (or keeping him on tap waiting for one) seems okay. Three critters in the graveyard isn’t hard to achieve and it might cause the opponent to do funny things like not kill your guys if they can’t handle a big zombie dude.  Don’t forget, you can pop him in whenever you want, like at the end of your opponents turn.

Vampire Nighthawk
A 2/3 flier with lifelink and deathtouch. At the very least, he kills practically everything and gives you two life in the process, which isn’t bad.


Burst Lightning
Burst Lightning is what I consider a good example of the kicker mechanic. For one mana, you get Shock. Pay five mana, and you get Flame Javelin. It seems a bit overcosted, but the value comes from having the option to do either in one card.  

Goblin Ruinblaster
A 2/1 with haste who blows up a non-basic when it comes into play seems pretty good, especially in a set where non-basic lands do a whole lot more than just make pretty mana. The ruinblaster cascades off Bloodbraid Elf nicely, and yes, you can pay kicker from cascade.

 Goblin Bushwacker
Not so sure about this guy either, but his ability to give all creatures haste and +1 might prove useful. In the future, I see red being a lot of little guys again, and he has a good chance of beefing them up for the final strike.

Plated Geopede
I like this guy a lot more than I like the hyped Steppe Lynx. The bug has at least one point of power to chip away at the enemy with if I can’t trigger landfall, and first strike is huge.

Unstable Footing
If some sort of fog deck becomes popular, Unstable Footing might see some action. Paying one R to make damage unable to be prevented for a turn is nice, but having that option and 5 to the face for R4 is better.

Zetkar Shrine Expedition
This might be nice for the same reasons Quest for the Gravelord might be nice. Having a Ball Lightning on tap and ready to go at a moments notice seems like it might take some playing around.


Mold Shambler
Expensive, but green’s only real answer to a planeswalker.

River Boa
River Boa is back to pester people who like to play islands. A 2/1 for 1G with regenerate is pretty cool, but the islandwalk makes him even more of a dick for control decks. Wrath of God Day of Judgment won’t even kill him.

Vines of Vastwood
Vines of Vastwood remind me a bit of Stonewood Invocation, without the split-second. Might be useful, but even the latter didn’t see all that much play.


Khalni Gem
Things that make more than one mana, especially colored mana, always seem to find a home. Khalni Gem’s drawback might help with the landfall triggers.

Overall, Zendikar is full of powerful cards waiting to find a home. It will be interesting to see which of these find a home and which ones end up being left out of competitive play.

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