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M10 is amost upon us. Speculation on which new cards are “the bomb” and how the new cardboard will affect the standard metagame is running rampant. Personally, when it comes to new sets, I’ve adopted a KISS philosophy.

I find it easier to navigate through the sparkly new card pool if I separate things into three piles; crap, potentially good, and obviously good. Obviously good cards are cards that either a.) have a serious spot in the meta right now, or b.) are so good decks will be built around them. Potentially good cards are cards that, if the right situation or deck comes along, will be good.

I leave the latter alone anymore. I am not a pro player and have realized I am not very good at deciding what cards might be good in the future. When I dabbled in the past, I ended up with folders full of junk like Twilight Shepherd Creakwood Liege and every damn Treefolk card printed in Lorwyn and Morningtide.  

I will, however, invest in obviously good cards. I love it when I know exactly what it is I’m looking at and how to use it.

So, what cards in M10 would I invest in?

M10 Dual LandsDrownedCatcomb
I know everybody is bitching that they don’t produce mana on turn one, but neither do any of the other CIPT lands they’re all playing. The difference is, these can if you’ve got a basic on the table, which is something the others can’t do. Most of these will become a staple, especially when Lorywn/Shadowmoor rotate out. The ones that produce blue will definitely be usable.

Lightning Bolt
This card wrote the book on efficiency. It is the king of direct damage, hands-down. It kills a early to mid game threat and can also punch your opponent in the face; all for one mana. L-Bolt will be found in close to every deck running red, and I’m willing to bet that includes the 4 and 5 color control decks out there too.

Ball Lightning
Also very efficient, Ball Lightning will no doubt be slapped into Red Deck Wins and flipped by Bloodbraid Elves everywhere. No matter what happens to it, you’re likely winning out. If it is countered or killed, they used a card on a ephemeral threat. If it is blocked, you’re killing a creature and likely getting in some damage. Don’t be fooled by how crappy Groundbreaker was; red is the magic color. With Ball lightning Back and Expect to see a big spike in RDW in the next few months.  

Baneslayer Angel
Baneslayer Angel is insane. A 5/5 flyer with first strik and lifelink; for five mana. No matter how you look at it, you’re getting a great deal. She’s also got protection from Demons and Dragons, which is like heated seats and extra cup holders when you’ve just bought a brand new Lincoln for $5000; maybe they’ll come in handy some day. The only problem here, is that I’ve seen some good white finishers come out in some of the past expansions, and none of them have been touched. My other gripe, the broad is already up to $15 thanks to the “mythic” rating. Not worth it.

Elite Vanguard
Finally, a Savannah Lions without restrictions. None of this must attack or reveal X creature type crap.  A true 2/1 beater for one mana. I have no doubt he’ll find his way into all sorts of White Weenie and aggro decks over the next year or so.

Captain of the Watch
I already went over her here, in my article about the various “lords” being printed in M10. Efficient, and will always provide some kind of advantage no matter what.

White/Black Knight
I’m so glad to see these guys back. They are excellent two-drops. A 2/2 with protection and first strike is great. Look at how much play Knight of Meadowgrain got. These guys don’t have lifelink, but we all know first strike is great, and protection from black/white will often end up stopping early-game assaults or acting as a form of evasion.

Sable StagGreat Sable Stag
Wow! Just wow. He is a 3/3 for three mana, uncounterable and has protection from blue and black. Like the knights mentioned above, usually protection from a color often makes a card great at blocking and grants a form of evasion. Even if the protection turns out not to be relevant (which will be rare), the stag is still decent body for the price and will trade nicely with many mid-game threats.

Duress is great. Pay one mana, look at an opponents hand. That is a spell in itself. However, Duress also lets you take a non-creature, non-land card from that hand and throw it away. It doesn’t let you hit a creature like Thoughtseize does, but creatures tend to be easier to deal with than spells. Duress also doesn’t suck like Thoughtseize when you are low on life.     

Ponder is also two spells for the price of one. Look at the top three cards of your library, arrange them or shuffle them into the deck, and then draw a card is an insane effect for one mana. Other than that, blue got raped. Sorry. 

If I were buying M10, the above cards are what I would buy (except that frickin’ angel, that is ridiculous). I don’t know if they are the very bestcards in the set, but they are obviously good, and most of them have an immediate spot in the metagame right now.


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